Web Design.

One of my favourite ways of experimenting with web trends is through freelancing. I typically work with local businesses and start-ups - there’s something satisfying about giving a “face” to a small and growing organization and I love being a part of that process.

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A website is one of the main channels that customers get to know a brand through, so I always strive to create designs that reflect a brand’s story. Here are three “steps” that I always take for my freelance gigs:


01. Get to know the brand.

What’s the personality of this organization? Are they a friendly, mom and pop shop, and trusted healthcare organization, or an innovative tech start-up? Understanding this helps me understand the tone of the copy to go for, as well as the style of typography and imagery to use. Ultimately, I’m trying to understand: what should the website make the customer feel?

02. Don’t forget the necessary stuff.

Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, and sometimes they don’t. It’s my job to ensure I understand all the requirements, but also provide guidance when necessary.

03. Balance being cool with being practical.

I love experimenting with web trends. This could mean bold typography, isometric graphics, minimalism/maximalism…but fancy words aside, the website still has to be user friendly. That means that the visuals should make the overall experience more enjoyable not only through its aesthetics but also in its ability to empower users to find what they need.




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